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Latest BP Australia Webinar: The importance of reducing diesel emissions in mines and why you need to do it today!

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Friday, August 09, 2013
02:30 AM - 03:30 AM AEST
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Latest BP Australia Webinar: The importance of reducing diesel emissions in mines and why you need to do it today!

In the third instalment of the 2013 BP Australia webinar series, Garry Whitfield, Senior Chemist in Global Fuels Technology will take you through an extremely thorough check-list for reducing diesel emission in mines.

The webinar will cover the benefits and risks involved in diesel emissions in mines and why you need to focus your attention on this very important area. The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session where all attendees will have the chance to have their questions answered personally by Garry.
The webinar will cover:
  • Understanding the benefits and risks of fuel & emissions
  • Type of Emissions: what you need to be aware of at mines
  • How do you manage emissions with engines at mines
  • Why fuel quality matters to diesel emissions
  • Useful check list to reduce emissions you don’t want
  • Using fuel additives

Garry Whitfield

http://secure.eloqua.com/EloquaImages/clients/PentonLearningSystemsLLCIQ/%7B9c357e09-645b-4213-a787-344eb2bef69b%7D_garrymedium.jpgGarry Whitfield is a Senior Chemist for BP in Global Fuels Technology, based in Australia. He is a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Lancaster University in England and has over 34 years’ experience in leading and supporting product development relating to ground and aviation fuels. He started his career with BHP in Australia in the mining industry then moved to the Vegetable Oils industry before he joined BP in Melbourne as a Senior Chemist. Garry has worked in BP in fuel formulations and applications during which time Australia has seen the introduction of unleaded petrol, low sulphur diesel and biofuels with the introduction of national fuel standards and vehicle design rules to control emissions. Often, Garry presents to Technical Institutes , clients and professional organisations on ground fuels and represents BP on the AIP and LPG technical committees.

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