How the mining industry can stay connected, with easy access to communication in hard to reach places

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Brendan Sparks
Director, Satellite Marketing
Optus Satellite

Brendan Sparks has recently joined the Satellite Marketing team at Optus, after 15 years of successful senior marketing leadership experience, specialising in channel marketing and brand strategy. Most recently working as the Head of Marketing and Product Management at Belkin, Brendan was pivotal in the success of Belkin and the major changes to their brand and GTM strategies. Prior to this, Brendan had roles at Samsung, contributing to their growth in a highly competitive TV market, and also Canon. Brendan has a track record of aggressively growing sales, revenue and market share, and is purpose-driven to raise the profile of Optus Satellite.

In his current role as Marketing Director, Brendan is focussing on building the Optus Satellite brand and creating heightened awareness in the Satellite, Mining, Oil and Gas and Government services segments. Brendan is placing a strong focus on expanding Optus Satellite's channel growth strategy through strategic recruitment of new channel partners offering great margin opportunities and best in class channel support. Further development of new, innovative products with the aim of aligning Optus Satellite with customer and channel needs, is a primary objective for Brendan.

This FREE webinar is available to watch now.