Free Webinar: 13 Step Guide to Workforce Planning Success

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Wednesday, March 07, 2012
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
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Free Webinar: 13 Step Guide to Workforce Planning Success

In this in-depth webinar, ideal for those who have responsibility for workforce planning or those motivated to upskill their knowledge about workforce planning, Workforce Planning Australia takes you on a journey to deliver excellence in workforce planning and evidence-based workforce development strategies. Workforce planning is a complex issue and Julie Sloan, Founder and Director of Strategy at Workforce Planning Australia, advises you all to keep it simple in this step by step analysis of current industry trends, whilst sharing her lessons learned along the way.

Listen in to learn:

  • How to define workforce planning
  • The core elements of quality workforce planning
  • Evidence based workforce planning update
  • Positioning workforce planning as a hard science
  • 13 step guide to workforce planning success

About Workforce Planning Australia:

Workforce Planning Australia provide quality advice, support and services with regard to Workforce Planning and Workforce Development initiatives to Australian businesses and industry, as they respond to the current and impending challenges with workforce supply, whilst meeting productivity demands.


Julie Sloan
Founder and Director of Strategy
Workforce Planning Australia

Passionate about Workforce Planning, Julie has led the development of the discipline in Australia since the late 1990s and now says business leaders need to be focusing on producing evidence-based Workforce Planning in particular for ‘Mission-Critical’ job-roles / groups and occupations. The emphasis should be on: building workforce planning capabilities across all levels of management; integrating workforce planning systems into normal business practice and; generating creative thinking around job and role design, to ensure a better match between demand and supply and to maximise productivity in the workplace.

Outside Australia Julie has worked in the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Council on Social Welfare (all in Vienna, Austria), and also in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji, Dubai and Bahrain. Her Australian client profile is impressive covering all states and territories in the Government, Private and Not-For-Profit sectors. Julie is well known for her public speaking skills and is a regular key note speaker at many international conferences and business forums.

Julie established Workforce Planning Australia as the only dedicated Workforce Planning Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia.

Julie Sloan was the principal author of the inaugural Guidelines on Workforce Planning (2008) for Standards Australia. In 2012, after three years of industry and stakeholder implementation of the Guidelines, Julie will lead the Standards Australia Human Resources and Employment Committee as they progress these guidelines into formal Standards.

Julie is the author of two books: An Introduction to Workforce Planning – are you ready for crunch time? (2008); and The Workforce Planning Imperative (2010). This year will mark the release of Julie’s third book, Initiatives in Workforce planning.