Sub Pro Fluid Drainage System - Improving methane drainage and gas management in underground mining

Posted: 05/04/2015

Over the last 12 months there has been a significant shift in how underground coal mines are operating.

As the industry emerges out of a productivity down-turn, mining companies are strengthening their cost reduction and efficiency programs to regain momentum.

As a result, mitigating the risks and hazards associated with underground coal mining has become critical in order to improve productivity and meet operational demands.

While underground coal mines have many hazards, two of the top five principal hazards are methane drainage and gas management.

In order to address these hazards, mines that have high levels of seam gas must ensure they have the appropriate tools and strategies in place to drain the gas in the coal seam to an acceptable level before mining can commence.

The development of underground roadways often also involves the intersection of the gas drainage boreholes, and as a result it is important to manage these safely and efficiently while maintaining the boreholes integrity so as to continue draining the coal seam for safe longwall mining.

In order to ensure this process is achieved as quickly and safely as possible, Subterranean Professionals (Sub Pro) have developed a fluid drainage system which is ideal for use in underground coal when intersecting both underground in-seam (UIS) & Surface to in-seam (SIS) gas drainage boreholes.

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Posted: 05/04/2015