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Why Managing Fuel Price Risk Now Can Save you in the Long Term

About this Podcast...

Do you need assistance in managing the price risk uncertainty?

Many businesses are currently struggling with the requirement to effectively assess their needs from both a supply and a financial standpoint.

Coupled with this is the need to develop a comprehensive business strategy to meet those needs to include multiple commodities, producer services and asset management solutions. Fuel price risk is a very real and tangible challenge and in this podcast BP will offer insights and tips that can help you to figure out what you need to do today to mitigate uncertainty for more certain outcomes.

Iain Lawson, Head of Derivatives Marketing, IS&T based in Singapore will discuss with you why managing fuel price risk is critical for the success of your business and the impact of not managing it effectively. Topics covered will include:

  1. Why fuel price matters to ANZ miners – and could it impact you?
  2. How other industries manage fuel cost volatility – cross industry advice
  3. Diesel supply considerations; refinery closures, specification changes and regional issues
  4. Understanding your current and future fuel price exposure: Australian retail & bulk fuel pricing methodologies
  5. Financial risk management solutions; integrated physical fuel price risk management, managing the mining margin and value of flexibility

Follow the link below to listen to this fantastic podcast.

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