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Contributor: Lauren Kelleher
Posted: 04/22/2015
3 key trends driving operational efficiency and innovation in Australian mining

As the prolonged industry growth cycle comes into balance, mining companies now have the opportunity to re-engineer productivity into their operations and new business ventures to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

But in order to realise those objectives, new technological applications need to align with the business strategy both long and Full Article »
Posted: 10/27/2014
John Sarena, Senior MES Analyst - Processing at Iluka Resources Limited joined us at the Big Data Analytics in Mining conference to present on how Iluka Resources managed to bring three metallurgical accounting systems from three different regions into one holistic database. Listen to the audio snippet below and email us, if you are interested Full Podcast »
Posted: 04/22/2015
Operational Mine Analytics - A tactical approach for realists

Many opportunities exist from ‘pit to port’ across the mining supply chain for cost management and operational improvement that can result in increased productivity. In the current economic and industry climate it is imperative that mining companies strive to identify and action these opportunities.

A key component of any strateg Full Sector Report »