Advanced Clean Fuel Technologies: Enhance operational efficiencies, increase production, and reduce unscheduled downtime

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
10:30 PM - 11:30 PM EDT
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Advanced Clean Fuel Technologies: Enhance operational efficiencies, increase production, and reduce unscheduled downtime
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"If the shovels go down, everything else goes down. (Good) filtration is like an insurance policy."
Mark Robillard, Walter Energy Canadian Purchasing Manager

Increasing Production and Operation Efficiencies whilst Minimising Unscheduled Downtime
For many mines, the amount of water and other contaminants in your fuel will limit the performance and service life of common rail fuel systems, resulting in unscheduled downtime or premature equipment failure. The true cost to mining operations may be up to $150,000 per hour, or over $1.2 million per eight hour day. The elimination of even a single incident covers the cost of a filtration installation many times over. In this technical and informative webinar, Hayden Schulz from Donaldson Filtration Solutions will be joining us to share the science, industry knowledge and strategies ensuring fuel cleanliness to help extend machinery lifecycle expectancy and minimise downtime.

What will you take away from attending this valuable industry webinar?
  • A greater understanding of the facts of filtration and fuel cleanliness
  • What are the changing requirements of fuel as your site receives latest technology mining equipment
  • A clear grasp of the limitations of filtration - a real-life perspective on what you can - and can't - achieve
  • Specific answers to your individual site's needs during a live Q&A session that could save your operation millions of dollars


Hayden Schulz
National Sales Manager Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions
Donaldson Filtration Solutions

Hayden has been working in the heavy diesel industry for 20 years. Prior to his commencement with Donaldson in 2004 he was their principle distributor and representation in the Northern Territory.

Hayden’s current role is primarily on-site technical and training, in addition to the coordination of Donaldson’s regional needs as part of a global collaboration.