Audio Excerpt: Rio Tinto Drill and Blast

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At Mining IQ's Drill and Blast 2014 event in Brisbane, Australia, we were joined by Shannon Vyvyan, Senior Mining Engineer at Rio Tinto, talking about the Hope Downs 4 coal mine. Her entire presentation covered:

Challenging the Status Quo - why old ideas are obsolete.
As drill & blast practitioners, many blasts are thought of in terms of a few key parameters. But the advent of electronic timing has allowed new logic to be applied to timing that allows significant benefit not just in terms of fragmentation but the greater impact blasting has on a mines operation.

  • Reducing blasting delays through Multiblast
  • Controlling ground movement through variable timing regimes
  • Protection of in-blast infrastructure using reverse timing
  • Applying timing protocols and results not achievable with old technology

In this excerpt Shannon covers the first point on the above list.

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