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How the mining industry can stay connected in hard to reach places
In this presentation Brendan Sparks from Optus explains how you can develop a specialised satellite communication solution to help you or your business stay connected at every stage of your mining operations.
Tags: Optus | satellite | communications | Remote Mine Sites | mining webinar
Queensland mining’s IT-OT convergence – The low-cost innovations at Anglo Coal & Pacific Aluminium
The line between information and operational technology is blurring – a change that heralds new opportunities for low cost automation and increased efficiency in mining operations. Queensland’s mining sector in particular has several major players involved in harnessing these opportunities, specifically Anglo Coal and Pacific Aluminium. Read more
Tags: Austmine 2015 | automation | Anglo Coal | Pacific Aluminium
Sub Pro Fluid Drainage System - Improving methane drainage and gas management in underground mining
Over the last 12 months there has been a significant shift in how underground coal mines are operating. As the industry emerges out of a productivity down-turn, mining companies are strengthening their cost reduction and efficiency programs to regain momentum. As a result, mitigating the risks and hazards associated with underground coal Read more
Tags: Sub Pro | mining white paper | Methane drainage
Goldfields presentation
This presentation by Paul Lucey, Head of Engineering and Projects at Goldfields, was held at a recent Austmine Smart Mining Networking Event. You can find upcoming mining networking events on the Austmine website. Paul Lucey will also give a presentation at Austmine 2015 in May in Brisbane.
Tags: mining | Paul Lucey | AustMine
Operational Mine Analytics - A tactical approach for realists
Many opportunities exist from ‘pit to port’ across the mining supply chain for cost management and operational improvement that can result in increased productivity. In the current economic and industry climate it is imperative that mining companies strive to identify and action these opportunities. A key component of any strategy to identify Read more
Tags: Pulse | Pulse Mining | mining white paper | innovation | Industry Report
Fleet Management in Mining Report
Productivity is the industry buzz term right now and the first place many miners are looking to improve productivity is in their mobile fleet of haul and dump trucks. Heavy vehicle fleets are frequently an area of under-utilisation, or lower than ideal availability. In fact, in a recent report released by PwC on productivity in Australian mines Read more
Tags: fleet management | mining | report | donaldson filtration solutions
HARNESSING THE POWER of mining productivity in 2015 and beyond: Roy Hill, PanAust & Hillgrove Resources
As the prolonged industry growth cycle comes into balance, companies now have the opportunity to re-engineer productivity into their operations and new business ventures. And against the backdrop of a progressive technology market, there are multiple new tools and techniques to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs (both Read more
Tags: mining | eBook | report | Austmine 2015 | Roy Hill | panaust | Hillgrove Resources
5 key elements of innovation in mine ventilation design
Mine ventilation design has always been critical for underground mining operations, with standard ventilation design criteria in place to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with safety and risk measures. But as mining companies begin to go deeper into the earth where temperatures are hotter and more extreme, a new set of challenges Read more
Tags: mining | ventilation | ventilation design
Why Anglo Coal’s automation is on everyone’s radar
With increased cost pressures on coal infrastructure, it’s crucial to improve operational efficiency where possible. Anglo American’ Anglo Coal arm has developed – and continues to grow – a backup anti-collision system for its mine site, providing true 3D real-time navigation with all six degrees of freedom accurately tracked. Anthony Manousso Read more
Tags: automation | Anglo Coal | mine automation
Sea it to believe it - Nautilus Minerals’ seabed mining journey
Some call it an experimental industrial field; others a new frontier. Either way, deep-sea mining is a reality that only a handful of companies have pursued. Nautilus Mineralsin particular is the first operator to embark on commercial exploration and development of polymetallic seafloor massive sulphide (SMS) deposits. It’s a journey that has Read more
Tags: Nautilus Minerals | Seabed Mining | Deep Sea Mining
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