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Sub Pro Fluid Drainage System - Improving methane drainage and gas management in underground mining
Over the last 12 months there has been a significant shift in how underground coal mines are operating. As the industry emerges out of a productivity down-turn, mining companies are strengthening their cost reduction and efficiency programs to regain momentum. As a result, mitigating the risks and hazards associated with underground coal Read more
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Operational Mine Analytics - A tactical approach for realists
Many opportunities exist from ‘pit to port’ across the mining supply chain for cost management and operational improvement that can result in increased productivity. In the current economic and industry climate it is imperative that mining companies strive to identify and action these opportunities. A key component of any strategy to identify Read more
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Reaching new heights at Roy Hill
As the prolonged industry growth cycle comes into balance, companies now have the opportunity to re-engineer productivity into their operations and new business ventures. Barry Fitzgerald, CEO of Roy Hill, is at the helm of this exciting endeavour and touched base with us to discuss how the mine will roll out automation systems and equipment to Read more
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5 Ways to optimize your Operating Costs
It’s wonderful to have a run of growth when the sky is the limit. But if events of the past decade have taught us anything, it’s that what goes up must come down. In the mining industry, the last few years have been the wonder years. High prices meant that everything was ok. In the quest for output, which has been the core of the recent ‘ Read more
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Data Analysis: Three Process Improvement Projects From One of Australia’s Leading Miners
The challenging conditions facing the mining industry make it critical that your process improvement projects maximise time, money and resource savings. These slides are from the webinar with Minitab and will show you how one of the world’s top 10 gold mining companies and Australia’s largest gold producer saved millions by using statistical Read more
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The Role of Innovation in Business Improvement
This presentation was held at Mining IQ's last Business Improvement in Mining event in Sydney. Ian Dover, former Director Business Development & Commercialisation at CSIRO spoke about the following topics: The move towards intelligent mining and what it means for communication and monitoring The role technology plays in efficiency Read more
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Productivity in mining: now comes the hard part
Productivity in the mining sector has been on a steady decline over the past decade as miners focused on output at any cost in an unprecedentedly high commodity price environment. EY's preliminary research, outlined in Productivity in mining, a case for broad transformation, found the decline had been more significant than that for other Read more
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Tracking the trends 2015 - Keep calm and carry on
The 2015 edition of Deloittes' Tracking the trends takes a look at the issues that miners will face in the coming year and outlines a wealth of potential responses proposed from Deloitte member firm’s mining professionals. There is no doubt that mining companies operate in complex geographies where they face increasing challenges in Read more
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Mine 2014 - Realigning expectations
The Top 40’s market value declined $280 billion during the year, a 23% reduction on the prior year, down to $958 billion at 31 December 2013, with gold particularly hard hit. Diversifieds and coal didn’t fare much better as the sector took a beating. Early 2014 saw some semblance of calm return to mining markets with market capitalisation for Read more
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PwC Report - Mining for Efficiency
In August 2014, PwC released their latest industry research report entitled 'Mining for Efficiency'. The paper uncovers five key findings and goes into detail about what these mean for the industry and what needs to be done about them: The global mining industry’s open cut equipment productivity has declined by 20% over the past seven years Read more
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